concrete5.7 Open Source Packages

concrete5 version 5.7 is out for a couple of month and as always with a major version, old stuff might is broken and it takes a while to find new packages, resources and information. I tried to assemble a list of open source packages for 5.7 which you can use in your project or learn from to build your own packages. Please note that some packages aren’t stable yet, it’s not a list for end-users but rather a list for concrete5 developers eager to learn about building add-ons.

Please let me know if I have missed a package, I’ll happily update my list.

Package URL Description

Add Multiple Pages Dashboard extension to add multiple pages in one go
Redactor anchors plugin Redactor plugin to create anchors inside the edited text
Attribute Forms Create forms usings attributes to get more flexibility, work in progress
Audio Player Audio player
C5 Downloader Script to download and install concrete5
Cal Package Calendar functionality
CKEditor Inline editor using CKEditor, doesn’t integrate file manager
CSV XML Converter Create an XML file based on a CSV input you can import to your concrete5
Designer Content 5.7 Create blocks for concrete5 using a visual interface
Developer Tools Developer Tools
Epicblue concrete5 theme
Fotorama Gallery Adds a block using the Fotorama gallery script
Foundation Sites Package containing a theme and various block templates using foundation
Handsontable Inline block using Handsontable to create tables using an excel like
LDAP Login Package extending the authentication system
Lits files Lists files from a file set
Mai Chimp Block that let’s you signup to mailchimp newsletter lists
Manual NAV Build a navigation by manually assembling your pages
Multilingual Global Area Makes global area global per language
Open Graph Tags Add open graph tags to your site
Package Installer Allows you to upload a ZIP file containing a package to be instaled
Persian Payment for VividStore Persian Payment for VividStore
Plain Text Attribute Attribute to add static text, useful in combination with attribute forms
QR Code Block to embed QR code in your website
Razor Commere An e-commerce solution
Sakan theme based on bootstrap 3
Snow Drift concrete5 theme
Social Share Adds share icons to your site
Stop Forum SPAM SPAM protection add-on
SVG Image SVG image with a bitmap fallback
Tweet Feed Adds a twitter feed to your site
Under Construction Adds an under construction page
Vanity URLs Let’s you access user profile pages using /@username
Vivid Store An e-commerce solution

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