Seed7 (1)

Statically linked Linux executables with GCJ, Seed7 and haXe

While some of you might try to avoid statically linked executables, they can be quite handy. In my case there are situations where I quickly have to run some code on a shared hosting with limited access. Installing libraries isn’t possible but running binaries is – at least if you have something like SSH access like I mostly do.

The exact reasons why I don’t run a PHP, Ruby or Python script are a bit more difficult. Just believe me that I needed a binary file without the ability to install any additional libraries 😉

To do this, I toyed around with a bunch of different languages. This list is certainly not complete but I’m happy to extend it if you have any suggestions. Please note, I didn’t include languages like C intentionally because I also didn’t want to see things like malloc in my code. At this point you probably think that I’m a rather complicated person and yes, you’re probably quite right about that.

Enough about that, the first languages/compilers I’ve had a look at on my Debian box if you following the link..