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Group Markers in Google Map with Gmaps Marker Clusterer

If you have a map with a lot of markers you’ll eventually have a hard time to see all the maps, especially if you zoom out. There’s a google library called “Js Marker Clusterer” which helps out, it simply builds clusters of markers close together. Unfortunately it’s not maintained anymore, but there aren’t many good […]

Vue.JS UI Test / VueStrap

I recently became quite fond of Vue.JS. It feels like a simpler version of AngularJS 1 / Angular 2 and so far came with everything I was looking for. It took me a while to get everything up and running, npm with all its dependencies, multiple versions and more alpha than beta libraries it can be a […]

Compress JavaScripts in Window Explorer

If you worked with JavaScript libraries before, you’ll probably have noticed that most libraries contain a compress file as well. One is called my.library.js while the compressed version is usually called my.library.min.js. This is not a must but when you have a frequently visited site you should consider to compress your JavaScript files. To make […]

concrete5 – AJAX Add-on to display File Download Statistics

Today’s article is about concrete5 again after a long time without anything about concrete5 on The example we’re going to look at takes a few ideas and code snippets from my book about concrete5. If you ever had a closer look at the file manager you’ve probably seen that if you open the file […]