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Due to limited time I wasn’t able to write new articles for codeblog. This time there’s not going to be much text, just a free block which you can use for your site.



The following screenshot shows you the dialog you can use to enter the information related to the expand block. There’s a special feature which I haven’t seen before – you can select the template while adding a new block. No need to open a second dialog!


Updates / Contribution

If you have some nice arrows/layouts. Please contact me! I’d be happy to add them to this block which we could later publish on the Concrete5 Marketplace once it contains a few nice layouts!

Download / Installation

Download block here.

Extract the zip file into /blocks/ and make sure you keep the directory “remo_expand”. It’s not a package yet and therefore must be extracted to blocks and not packages!


Was just trying to put together something lie this myself, saved me a load of time.
Love being able select the template when adding the block – that should be added to all blocks in C5.

This is an excellent addition to the concrete5 marketplace and for free too. The block works very well and as expected. Really easy to use and produces the desired results.
I am extremely pleased with the expand/collapse block
Many thanks for your time and effort

Nicely done and certainly very usefull 😉
Would be great (amazing?) to add this kind of feature to autonav :s

Well, I think what _n3o is saying, is that if this could be applied to a sidebar nav it would be great ie. like an accordion sidebar menu that would expand when the user clicks in it.

On the expand/collapse block, I am getting only one arrow. I wanted to create a few collapsed (or expanded lines) like the example, but was not able to. I tried to play around with the open/closed drop down but it did not work.

There are more autonav examples in my upcoming book http://www.codeblog.ch/2010/12/concrete5-beginners-guide-book/. I’m going to write some more tutorials once I finished the book but there’s not enough time right now.

I also can’t reproduce a problem with the arrows. I think I’ve updated the version in the marketplace a while ago, could you please try and use the one available here http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/expand-collapse/ ?

Hi Remo,
I have multiple expandcollapse blocks and I want to be able to auto expand a particular one when clicked on a link on a different page.
So far looks like the block doesn’t support that, but I am wondering if I could use your guidance on how to modify it to accommodate my needs.
Thanks a lot!

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