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concrete5 – programmatically creating a page alias

in concrete5 you can create an alias if you want a page to appear at two different locations. If you look at the following site structure, you can see that we have two categories and two different services we’d like to offer. For whatever reason, we’d like to make sure that our main service shows […]

concrete5 – smart attribute/picture fetching through page hierarchy

In this article I’m going to explain a nice code that works with attribute. It’s something quite a few people are using but it never crossed my mind to write something about it until my friends from 100pro asked for it. Let’s start with a quick look at the problem we’re going to solve. Our […]

Getting started with Google App Engine for PHP and concrete5

You might have read or heard that Google added PHP as a supported language to their cloud hosting platform App Engine. The official documentation is available here and gives you a lot of information to get started: If you’re a returning visitors to this blog, you’ll probably have noticed that I often work with […]

Improved PHP error reporting

Unfortunately I’m still not able to write thousands of lines without making a mistake, I’m still trying of course! In most situations you’ll get enough information from PHP to fix the problem quickly but sometimes you have to navigate through a bunch of files until you’ve found the origin of the problem. This can be […]