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Hi Remo,

Heres my problem with cufon in concrete 5. Its a clean install of 5.3.2 in the root directory of the domain.

I am using cufon script inside header.php and side_main_side.php files (because the header.php script wasnt affecting this page). The cufon_yui.js and respective font.js files are in the root/js folder .

Cufon.replace(‘h1’, { fontFamily: ‘Century Gothic’ });
Cufon.replace(‘h2’, { fontFamily: ‘Century Gothic’ });
Cufon.replace(‘h3’, { fontFamily: ‘Calibri’ });
Cufon.replace(‘p’, { fontFamily: ‘Calibri’ });

The site has to be bilingual so under the root page (index.php), at
the top level is “en” and “jp”, then under “en” comes all the english
When the url is http://www.espmasia.com/index.php?cID=56 > all the
fonts are displaying correctly on IE7, Safari and Firefox on Windows,
and on the Mac OS.
The text equivalent (canonical) url, which is http://www.espmasia.com/index.php/en
, is not displaying the fonts.
Some other pages are:
http://www.espmasia.com/index.php?cID=44 which is
cID=65 is en/what-we-do/capabilities etc
When I am in edit mode on the pages, they are all displaying as they
should but when I exit mode it reverts to default fonts on all the
canonical url’s.

I need the site to land on http://www.espmasia.com/index.php/en/. but I want it to display without the index.php. I tried enabling pretty url’s and created the htaccess file but it didnt work so I disabled it again and shelved it for later. How can I resolve this? Thanks always for your time!

This is very easy to fix. Have you ever heard of Firebug? No? Install it right away, it makes JavaScript development a lot easier.

It tells you for example that cufon isn’t definied (something which even the standard error console tells you). the reason for this is quite simple, you’re using a relative path to include cufon and of course, the webserver doesn’t serve it under index.php/en/js/cufon… add a slash at the beginning and everything works fine!

Don’t give up that quickly! Such errors are very easy to find if you just check your code step by step.. Excluding possible mistakes and stuff like that.

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