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Add auto_nav

Even if there’s an area called “Menu”, I’m going to add my auto_nav Block to the area called “Content”. This isn’t because of a technical reason, I simply need more space for a drop down navigation:


  • 1 – Click on “Add To Content”
  • 2 – Select “Auto-Nav”
  • 3 – Select “Display all” twice
  • 4 – Add

We now have a navigation block that automatically add new menu items, if there’s a new page. Nice to work with, but looks ugly:


We need some style!

Seguir leyendo: 1, 2, 3


I really need help, need to finish this website today and still cant seem to get the menu working properly

Hi there, first I would like to thank for all the work sharing this info withou profit! People like you make the world a better place!

Second: I have an old javascript menu, in that is “pull-right-side”. Can this be changed to do that, when I upgrade to C5?

Hi Pedro,

thanks, I’m glad I was able to offer your some free information!
I haven’t seen a menu which I couldn’t convert to concrete5 but depending on the structure and complexity it might take more or less time.

The menu on your site uses a pretty old fashioned structure based on tables. I wouldn’t recommend to convert that menu to concrete5 but rather create a new one.
But you’ll certainly need some time and developer skills!


I’m not really sure what you mean by “does not appear correctly”. I can see that your navigation doesn’t work well because there’s a gap between the horizontal menu button and the sub items. This is because you’ve got a margin-top: 14px applied to “div#main-container #header ul”. I’d recommend to change that, but beside that, I can’t see any issues!

Hi Remo,

I am a newbee with C5.

I have added your files to display a dropdown menu. I have created two subpages for the page innovation. But the subpages are not displayed.

Can you help me ? That would be nice. Thank you.


Hi Remo,

now it is running. Thank you again. I have changed the setting “Unterseiten Ebenen” to “alle anzeigen”. I have to think about these options 🙂



I’ve added a border-left: 1px style to the menu bar. I wanted to have a divider in between menu items. The problem is I can’t seem to remove the left border for the first menu item. I’ve tried .menu li.first {border: none;} but nothing happens. Has anyone been successful with this?

I don’t think there’s a class called first, at least I can’t seem to see one. You either have to update the PHP script to add a first class or use :first-child instead of .first.

Hi Remo,

Thanks for this. I just have a small issue, in my website the template shows up perfect except there is a black empty space beside the drop down. Is this normal, and is there a way to get rid of it?


I am having an issue with the Amiant menu secondary levels disappearing when I go down to click them. Also I can’t seem to get the menu to go to all my pages and I did go to the page types and put the menu in.

I saw that you had some code to install. I am not sure about where I am supposed to be putting code. I am new at this. I have watched a lot of the editing tutorials, but haven’t gotten to all of the tutorials yet.

My webpage is I do have a complete page up and am working on several more.

I can click the add ons in the blocks, but where and how do I put the code in to fix my drop down issue?

I sure would appreciate it if you could give me some pointers in an easy to understand way for someone without a lot of computer programming knowledge. I can cut and paste with the best of them if I know where and how get there. Thanks.


Sorry, I’m not the author of the amiant menu, no clue how it works. You’re probably better off asking the actual author!

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