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UPDATE November 2011: There’s another drop down tutorial using the SooperFish plugin, check out this page

A website needs a navigation. If you just started using Concrete5 you’ll realized that its navigation block looks simple but sometimes isn’t. Especially if you want to customize the look beyond css styling. I’m going to show you how to do great an reusable drop down menu with concrete5.3+.



You can use the default theme, other anything you want. In this tutorial, I’m going to use the theme which I wrote for this tutorial:
It doesn’t matter what theme you use, as long as there’s an editable area where you can put your navigation.

When you set up a new site and a new theme, it usually looks pretty empty, unless you’ve added some block using the page defaults. In my case, a newly added page looks like this:


Pretty boring I know! Time to add some stuff

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I really need help, need to finish this website today and still cant seem to get the menu working properly

Hi there, first I would like to thank for all the work sharing this info withou profit! People like you make the world a better place!

Second: I have an old javascript menu, in that is “pull-right-side”. Can this be changed to do that, when I upgrade to C5?

Hi Pedro,

thanks, I’m glad I was able to offer your some free information!
I haven’t seen a menu which I couldn’t convert to concrete5 but depending on the structure and complexity it might take more or less time.

The menu on your site uses a pretty old fashioned structure based on tables. I wouldn’t recommend to convert that menu to concrete5 but rather create a new one.
But you’ll certainly need some time and developer skills!


I’m not really sure what you mean by “does not appear correctly”. I can see that your navigation doesn’t work well because there’s a gap between the horizontal menu button and the sub items. This is because you’ve got a margin-top: 14px applied to “div#main-container #header ul”. I’d recommend to change that, but beside that, I can’t see any issues!

Hi Remo,

I am a newbee with C5.

I have added your files to display a dropdown menu. I have created two subpages for the page innovation. But the subpages are not displayed.

Can you help me ? That would be nice. Thank you.


Hi Remo,

now it is running. Thank you again. I have changed the setting “Unterseiten Ebenen” to “alle anzeigen”. I have to think about these options 🙂



I’ve added a border-left: 1px style to the menu bar. I wanted to have a divider in between menu items. The problem is I can’t seem to remove the left border for the first menu item. I’ve tried .menu li.first {border: none;} but nothing happens. Has anyone been successful with this?

I don’t think there’s a class called first, at least I can’t seem to see one. You either have to update the PHP script to add a first class or use :first-child instead of .first.

Hi Remo,

Thanks for this. I just have a small issue, in my website the template shows up perfect except there is a black empty space beside the drop down. Is this normal, and is there a way to get rid of it?


I am having an issue with the Amiant menu secondary levels disappearing when I go down to click them. Also I can’t seem to get the menu to go to all my pages and I did go to the page types and put the menu in.

I saw that you had some code to install. I am not sure about where I am supposed to be putting code. I am new at this. I have watched a lot of the editing tutorials, but haven’t gotten to all of the tutorials yet.

My webpage is I do have a complete page up and am working on several more.

I can click the add ons in the blocks, but where and how do I put the code in to fix my drop down issue?

I sure would appreciate it if you could give me some pointers in an easy to understand way for someone without a lot of computer programming knowledge. I can cut and paste with the best of them if I know where and how get there. Thanks.


Sorry, I’m not the author of the amiant menu, no clue how it works. You’re probably better off asking the actual author!

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